In Latin “Accendis” means “you illuminate” but also ”you bring out aromas”.

"We are all animated by the light in our souls and we recognize, in different ways, its great importance. Somewhere in our souls, there is awareness that there is more than just a physical reality. It is something “magical”... metaphysical. The light of hope, of love, of passion, of victory and many others represent the essence of our lives."

Accendis fragrances, the heart of this journey searching for light, possess a global vocation and experiential stimuli deriving from many cultures, distant and distinct from one another. Accendis fragrances are the expression of energy and, not surprisingly, their common traits are resins and woods, symbols of life force. Pop Art and Neo Pop Art have inspired this creation following the ideology that all that surrounds us is a source of emotions, and every object can have a different aspect from what you see at first glance. Accendis collection is a metaphorical journey on the path of life. Accendis 0.1 is gentle and strong, Aclus is a triumph of completeness and Accendis 0.2 represents intensity.

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